Mary Jane

I decided to visit a new clinic last week. I'd heard good things about their prices and variety and because I had the new patient deal, I decided to splurge on a higher grade strain. Out of the 40 strains on hand, I ended up somehow only having a choice between two indica-dominant hybrids. Due to the variety in the medical scene, I've been fascinated lately with novel looking darker strains like lavender, blackberry, and now a generic sounding "Mary Jane." The MJ one-up'd the lavender by being almost black, a clear (indica)tor of its genus. The picture doesn't do this nug justice. Bits of the shake looked far from green.

While it wasn't shining with crystals like the blackberry, it was smooth and strong. I'd highly recommend MJ in small portions (gram-1/8) due to its immobilizing qualities that you might want to keep from habituation. Furthermore, I'd plan to have a tasty meal on hand as well as a good film or set of tunes.

Suggested method: fat joint/blunt at night.

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