Sour Diesel and Super Skunk

I recall once being simultaenously stoned and overcome by the glory of banana nugs. This led me to coin the term "nuxury."

That's right... nugs and luxury = nuxury.

One of the nuxuries of college in California is the availability of cannabis. The downside of this is that it may desensitize one's weed smoking pallet. This makes it difficult to judge anything given the myriad of strains at one's disposal. With that, I've found it quite difficult to review any strains lately, despite my access to dank nugs.

The two strains that stood out to me thus far in my time back in California were Sour Diesel (an oldie, but a goodie) and "Super Skunk."

I've come across so many "Sour Diesel" sacks in my travels that it's hard to tell if the term is even valid among the unofficial weed community. There's obviously a lot of variety in quality and the bud in general. This sack I got was very reasonably priced for it's level of dank-ness. It was the first batch I found that had a notable smell. Sweet and fragrant. The buds were not particularly uniform, nor were they finely trimmed.

As for the Super Skunk, I found it to have a fairly unique scent. Definitely not the typical pungent skunk smell, but rather a subtle and earthy smell. This being medical cannabis, I was very impressed by the amount of resin glands and crystals.

I bought the skunk to celebrate my 21st birthday. The celebration started with a 10 dollar Chimay and was followed by a 1.5g grape blunt. Maybe the Belgian goodness affected my perception of the dankocity, but my smoking partners began shaking their heads as the blunt came their way. So, I took that as an indicator that it was dank and finished the last portion by myself. The sativa dominance left me pretty buzzed and awake while the combination of the indica qualities and the Chimay left me sedated.

Further birthday adventures with cheap wine and Sierra Nevadas may have clouded my perception even more. But as I sat with it for the next week, I came to a few conclusions. The high is almost an aquired taste. It leaves you sleepy for sure but before all the drowsiness hits you, you're enthusiastic and energetic in your stoniness. The taste is nice and smokability it high as is the smoker.

So, in conclusion:

Sour Dies' was worthwhile, particulatly given Los Angeles cannabis prices and the price I found it for.

Super Skunk was dank and had some sophisticated tastes, but it does leave you tired and does give me freaky munchies.

So I would suggest picking these up from your local medical supplier or in this case cranky Englishman and kush friendly Canadian.