Green Crack

For established stoners, there's a selection of strands which we all go back to at some point, a universal repertoire of danktronics. We all have come to know and love OG, Sour Diesel, G.D.P., etc. Today I'll be discussing Green Crack.

I've always heard of Green Crack in sentences like "Dude!... Green Crack!" or "Dude, lemme get some of that Green Crack." This set up my perception of the strain to be good from the get go. However, like with all the standard strains, you have to take authenticity into account. Some of the first herb I'd ever seen with seeds was labeled as GC. With the authentic stuff, you are going to be a happy camper. Very happy... Maybe hungry too.

I recently came across some pretty cute nugs of the stuff. I'd say it's definitely a wonderful sativa that keeps you going without any couch lock.

With that, it's not that special relative to what everybody has worked it up to be.

But... it is damn good. Very well rounded and legit. It might not be that face melting or that stimulating to one's olfactory sensations, but yeah it's good. All the italics are just me being a snooty connoisseur. An adequate explanation might be that it's the Sierra Nevada of herb. It's good and probably better then what the generic frat boy might drink, but next to a good Chimay, there's a clear difference.

My reflections are as follows:

Price: if you find it for 50 clams for an 1/8 ounce, go for it. I wouldn't put it in the 60 dollar range though. If you find it at cheaper than 45, you're probably dealing with its ugly little brother instead of the real thing. That ugly little brother might suffice, but if you're a connoisseur you can do better.

Smell/Taste: Good. It's not going to smell in the other room, but you'll be satisfied probably. The taste is good too, but I've had buds with more body and spice to them in my day.

Side effects: It's a good clean sativa, you won't be too couch locked or inclined to go to sleep. I would take advantage of it with your favorite tunes, a good movie, etc. Not ideal for pain treatment or insomnia.


Convert Cookies

In an effort to go easy on my lungs, I decided that it was time to experiment with making edibles. I had done this in the past in a half baked manner the way many herbal cooking newbs might. I would throw an 1/8 ounce of nice cannabis in some oil, simmer it for a bit, then hope for the best.


Part of the problem was a lack of lipids in the oil. I was going for canola oil instead of butter because I don't eat animal products. With guidance from my friend, a cannabis-infused-food guru and a few articles, I came to coconut oil. This is a really good vegan cannabis cooking staple due to its high concentration of fat.

Anyway, after a few batches, I have perfected the recipe for my "convert cookies." This eggless cookie is flavored with various spices that negate the odd taste that comes from the trimmings in the canna-oil and with flax and oatmeal, you get a good dose of fiber along with your pain relief.

As for the name: While in an extra dry area where smoking is not allowed, my friend brought some of these cookies so she would still be able to medicate. This was on a class retreat with a professor who was at one point convinced to eat a cookie.

This professor, over 70 years old, has been converted to our side as he woke up the day after the cookie, realizing he has his best sleep in years. Now he is a medical cannabis patient for insomnia and regularly utilizes THC/CBN extracts and concentrates. From what I hear, he's considering investing in a vaporizer now.

I loved hearing this and I'm so glad that my cookin' has had a positive impact on somebody's life (and more importantly I created a 70 year old stoner!!!) However, I have a more educated understanding of edible medication now.

My reflections are as follows:
-Know that it takes some time to kick in.
-With that, know that the effects are a long winded, gradual crescendo then decrescendo, rather than the immediacy and short time span of smoking
-If you're impatient and medicate by smoking after eating, you're probably going to overshadow the effects
-Edibles are far superior for pain relief and sleep aid as they are more concentrated in CBN.
-One should beware, it's easy to eat too much before going to sleep and then maybe go to their classes the following morning only to realize they are too medicated to speak in Chinese... Do I speak from experience? Eh...

For now my recipe is secret, but if you have any baking questions, I've recently dedicated a significant amount of time to developing my baking chops and while not wanting to reveal my perfected recipe, I'm willing to lend a helping hand.