Green Crack

For established stoners, there's a selection of strands which we all go back to at some point, a universal repertoire of danktronics. We all have come to know and love OG, Sour Diesel, G.D.P., etc. Today I'll be discussing Green Crack.

I've always heard of Green Crack in sentences like "Dude!... Green Crack!" or "Dude, lemme get some of that Green Crack." This set up my perception of the strain to be good from the get go. However, like with all the standard strains, you have to take authenticity into account. Some of the first herb I'd ever seen with seeds was labeled as GC. With the authentic stuff, you are going to be a happy camper. Very happy... Maybe hungry too.

I recently came across some pretty cute nugs of the stuff. I'd say it's definitely a wonderful sativa that keeps you going without any couch lock.

With that, it's not that special relative to what everybody has worked it up to be.

But... it is damn good. Very well rounded and legit. It might not be that face melting or that stimulating to one's olfactory sensations, but yeah it's good. All the italics are just me being a snooty connoisseur. An adequate explanation might be that it's the Sierra Nevada of herb. It's good and probably better then what the generic frat boy might drink, but next to a good Chimay, there's a clear difference.

My reflections are as follows:

Price: if you find it for 50 clams for an 1/8 ounce, go for it. I wouldn't put it in the 60 dollar range though. If you find it at cheaper than 45, you're probably dealing with its ugly little brother instead of the real thing. That ugly little brother might suffice, but if you're a connoisseur you can do better.

Smell/Taste: Good. It's not going to smell in the other room, but you'll be satisfied probably. The taste is good too, but I've had buds with more body and spice to them in my day.

Side effects: It's a good clean sativa, you won't be too couch locked or inclined to go to sleep. I would take advantage of it with your favorite tunes, a good movie, etc. Not ideal for pain treatment or insomnia.


  1. This is a grower's comment, but thought I'd share the info. anyway because I wanted folks to know what's possible out there. And I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't witnessed it myself. Around Y2K I stumbled onto some no-name lightly seeded impressive enough herb that deemed investing the seeds. They rendered a smattering of plants (indica/sativa cross?)that had thick-phat tops with a watermellon smell and were so-so. One plant in the bunch of 20 or so females looked and smelled different and finished shorter and faster than the others. To cut to the chase, the bud was unreal. I've experienced some exotic and super potent smoke over the years, but nothing quite matched this grass. No matter how many times you hit it by the end of the day, it still had an initial uplifting hammer kick that would override any residual numbness. The high was soaring, long lasting and quite clear considering how almost overwhelmingly potent the buds were. The taste was divine, sweet and unique. I named her The Atomic Chronic to befit the experience. And here's the clincher. Not only was she a 45-day plant (12/12 start to finish) but in a pinch I could harvest about 10 days immature and it was still as good or better than most everything on the street. And didn't look or smell immature like all other bud I've grown or encountered. Though it was nowhere near as good as when it was finished. I was all fired-up about her and was going to head to Adam to enter it in one of the Cups at the time. A Gold Medal winner that easily would have ranked with the very best for sure. But couldn't afford it then. As I said. -If I hadn't witnessed it myself, I'd have never believed it due to my prior extensive experience as a grower. And growers are often overly enamored by their own strains and the like, exagerating to pump up their ego's or something. but it's quite true. There's that rare plant out of a genetic pool that comes along once in a great while that's simply in a whole 'nother league of it's own and worth it's weight in Gold.

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