Taking out the Trash and walking the Chemdog

I promise this is the last entry sans images and that I’ll begin to make more regular entries!

Lately I’ve had the same myriad of strains coming through, a lot of “kushes” and heavy indicas, etc. This has re-awoken my preference for sativas and similarly I have re-discovered my love for being a connoisseur and/or generally picky stoner. Options based on objective quality and genus is a must have for any cannabis connoisseur.

The two picks I have for everybody are “Trash” and “Chemdog.” Both are hybrids with a strong sativa side. The sativa took me by pleasant surprise after all the Indica dominance lately. Trash is a cross between Trainwreck and Hash Plant. Get it? Train + Hash = Trash… A friend hooked this up at a kind of steep price, but I’d say it’s well worth it. Another friend said about it “This is great, I haven’t felt this silly since high school!”

I’m not going to extensively review it though because I doubt it will come around again. If it does, your decision to get it shouldn’t be based on the specifics in this review because in all honesty it’s probably way danker than any sub-connoisseur shit you’d find. The nugs were large (as large as 4g for one nug,) stinky, crystally, and if you ripped a fat nug open the density of trichomes was maintained throughout the inside too.

Chemdog was a great deal and probably the best strain that I’ve found this year. In a club container, in a jar, in my backpack, just a gram or two of this stuff stinks all the way through. I’ve read about it and nobody really seems to know things for sure, but it could be NY Sour x OG, which seems to make sense high wise. I’m not sure about what the producers claim the genus is, but I feel from experience that it is a definite 50/50 split between indica and sativa. Both sides were strong and brought out the desired effects from said species; strong head and body high. This is my new favorite hybrid probably.

However, with the Chemdog one shouldn’t expect to go out into public. This bud is NOT subtle or weak. You’ll be noticeably high and maybe unable to socially function unless you are with other stoned people or people who are conducive for stony social interaction. I sat on a J for a while with others and was stuck in the end sitting, profoundly confused by theater students and their drinking habits.

That being said, it’s danky danky dank-dank-dank.

“You should’ve told me this was laced with euphoria!” said the same friend who felt high school silly with Trash.

Chemdog is probably way more likely available and if you have the means, I would suggest you spend whatever the clubs ask for it, even up to $25/g.

The blog will pick up with pictures and a more regular posting rate with new strains every time. I promise!

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