The Holy Hit

The Holy Hit.

I feel like these days half of the fun of smoking weed is the names. But do they mean anything? Meh... I'm going to go with "maybe psychologically?"

I've come by many odd strain names like Sgt. Pepper, "Fuck," and Kush flavors from cantaloupe to pork roast. Ok, fine, I didn't ever come by Pork Roast Kush, but the Holy Hit got me with the name. I must've been in a rush or something because I didn't even glance at the selection other than that. I just figured "Eh, it's from the clubs, why be picky?"

The nuggage:

It's light but dense. There is practically no shake or large unsightly leaves. The nugs were pretty moderately sized, but with a nice shape.

The effects:

I'd say it was a mild indica dominant hybrid as it made me a tad sleepy. It wasn't strong though relative to the MJ.

Suggested method:

This herb would be ideal for avid spliff smokers, particularly cranky British ones.


Not the wildest shit I've seen, but who's complaining?

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