Blackberry is nuts. Kiefiest weed I've found in LA.

More specifically, this stuff is a pretty smooth smoke. I'm going to infer it's sativa dominant, even though the buds might say otherwise. I recommend jars for this to preserve the resin glands and insure there's no distortion of the nuggage.

Blackberry is extremely dense and the small nugs are like sparkling little balls of green and purple. I finally had to give in and rip apart my largest nug and the inside glistens like whoa. I guess such a sight compensates for my stoner heresy in ripping up such a beaut'.

In summation: it's dank, get it, use whatever method you feel in the mood for and I'm sure it will be highly satisfactory.

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  1. Blackberry is potent pain relieving indica.
    Wonderful for people who sufferer from chronic pain. Not too shabby for fibromyalgia symptoms. But I’d say it’s better for pain relief due to injuries.

    Very pain relieving.

    Another bonus for Blackberry is its sedate peaceful stone. A mellow marijuana high.
    This marijuana cannabis strain will solve your worst case of sleepiness.