Northwest Afgooey

So I am going to kick off this blog of cannabis reviews with Afgooey.

While on a break from school (and thus the LA area) I have had an interesting set of experiences with picking up. Many of the 1/8's have been no-name weed, but this week I came across Afgooey. Despite my claims of connoisseurship, I had yet to try Afgooey.

I met up with an old pal from high school who I had gone to with my complaints of what seemed to be a totally dry week. Conveniently she had just acquired a large amount of this luscious herb and so I left with a baggy of one large nug, flattened into a sort of weed bar almost.

Upon my first examination I am overcome by the sweet smell. It has a definite tang of fruitiness similar to the "tropical" skunk I've found in the past. I've had this laying around for a week now and whenever I open the container I put it in, I still have that first reaction and think to myself "Oh yeah, that's what it smells like." The smell is a nice prelude or foreplay to each session.

The nug wasn't particularly dense and had what I'd say are medium sized buds. It was fairly sticky though. The buds would end up even sticking to my thumb when packing.

So the first round (bong bowls) I found it to be a fairly mild sort of smoke. It hit like candy, but this sweetness diminished after the greens more than I hoped. But now that I've had it for a week I've concluded that it's best vaped. The vaporizer really allows you to appreciate the flavor that would be lost in a bong hit. It's like inhaling warm minty, herby, candy flavor.

This strain perfectly complemented a cool northwest day, or for a cool day in any direction I would assume. The strong sativa high was very visual and heady. The colors of the trees and sky and sun all meshed together and I had a jolly stony grin the whole time. Definitely more "high" than "stone" though.

In summary, this strain is very nice particularly for it's scent, smokability, vapability (recommended), and vibrant high. I recommend getting it from your local club or set of teenagers in a sketchy parking lot at night.

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